Make your gaming Limitless with the World’s Number 1 gaming laptop

Maximum gaming performance, premium aesthetics, and flawless visuals all lead to world domination, and this is perfectly embodied by the Republic of Gamers’ (ROG) gaming laptops.ROG G752 - Front ROG Omnibus

Once again, pushing the bounds of extreme gaming experiences and leading the charge for unparalleled innovation has allowed ASUS to yield an unprecedented 40% market share of the entire world’s gaming laptops, according to the latest report by DigiTime for the first half of 2015.

And to further uphold the title as the world’s undisputed premier gaming laptop, ASUS has unleashed three new, much-awaited ROG models, each packed with industry-leading and game-changing innovations that ultimately lead to a whole new level of gaming-on-the-go experiences.

Revolutionize Gaming: The World’s First Water Cooled Gaming Laptop, ROG GX700
The Republic of Gamers first introduces an innovation like no other with the flagship GX700VO, with being the world’s first water-cooled gaming laptop.

To power up this beast of a machine, a powerful Intel Core i7-6820HK quad core processor is inside, which when the laptop is docked to its water-cooling station, overclocks to a remarkable 4GHz. In addition, 32GB of DDR4 RAM that overclocks to 2800 MHz is also on board.

GL552VW - Back GX700 - With Docking

For the graphics powerhouse, you get a desktop NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 that has 8GB of GDDR5 VRAM, which, when water-cooled, allows the chip to run in its full potential, thereby eliminating the bottleneck of low thermal headroom.

Finally, for the storage, the GX700VO is equipped with 2x 256GBNVMePCIe SSD set-up in RAID0, and allows for up to 3.5GB/s read/write speeds.

And highlighting the trump card of this notebook, the “Hydro Cooling System,” which made this notebook the world’s first water-cooled notebook, is the pinnacle of this year’s innovation for ASUS and ROG. Featuring two radiators, and a behemoth of fans with variable speed control thru the built-in ROG Command Control Center software, the cooling module allows for the system to run cooler in idle, and be overclocked as wanted, or needed, and allows for a full desktop replacement for all those wanting to lug around a system that’s highly capable of 4K gaming.

The coolant inside the tubes, on the other hand, is specially-formulated to reduce the corrosion rate of the metals, and reduce evaporation rate to lengthen the intervals of the maintenance, while the connectors between the dock and the notebook prevent leaks from occurring, even on repeated insert-remove cycles.

Accordingly, two power bricks are bundled with the GX700. One is rated at 190 Watts, should you wish to use the laptop alone, and another one is rated at 330 Watts, should you wish to dock the laptop into the cooling dock and get the most out of the system. And garnishing all that package, the combo arrives in a Polycarbonate luggage, packed with foams inside to protect both the laptop and the dock, while making the transportation of the water-cooled beast a whole lot easier.

The GX700VO is priced at PHP 249,995.00 coming in the Philippines by early March.