How to Look Gorgeous on a Budget

You probably can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars or pesos to look beautiful. But that’s no reason to look bad either. You can look gorgeous on a budget regardless of how small your budget is.

The secret of looking great without spending much is to know what works for you and where to buy the things you need. Here are some practical tips to consider:Stick to off-brand products that can give you the same look of higher priced brands at a lesser cost.  Ignore fashion trends that constantly change and can be costly to keep up with. Instead find your own individual style. People will admire you more if you’re unique rather than a clone of every fashion magazine on the block.

Be on the lookout for sales. They’re a good place to find bargain clothes for less the price. Choose clothes that are versatile, flattering and something you’ll actually wear. If you buy lots of sale items and use only a few, that’s not wise shopping.Stick to what looks good on you. If you have a long waist and a soft belly, avoid low-waist pants. Pick a pencil skirt that’s always in style and will give you a perfect figure. Combine trendy pieces with classics to look elegant.

Give your hair the attention it needs. Layered hair is good for lots of people. To make it shiny, wash it with cool or slightly cold water. Use a good shampoo and conditioner. Washing your hair daily can make it dry but if your hair feels dirty by all means wash it.

Shoes that look good with at three or five outfits are worth getting. Don’t buy shoes that will only sit in your closet for a long time. If you love designer clothes and would like to imitate your favorite stars.

Use make-up suitable for you. There are lots of make-up brand and color that best for your skin tone pick the right one that will look natural. Having a nice eyebrows and eyelash will be beneficial too. A good eye make-up will highlight your eyes. Eyelash stimulator like Lilash maybe a  good choice too.

Lastly, being beautiful and gorgeous is not on what you wear but on how you carry yourself!

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