How to prevent eye injuries

The grim statistics are not pleasing to the eyes: over a million Americans have lost a part of their sight due to eye injuries. Yearly, more than 700,000 Americans injure their eyes. Of the 2,000 employees who are injured daily, many mistakenly assume that they don’t need eye protection. Others relied on the wrong kind of eyewear.

The sad fact is that many of these injuries are preventable and 90 percent of all workplace eye injuries can be avoided with the right safety eyewear. Read this short article to learn how to protect yourself.Injuries take on many forms. The most common type occurs when something gets in your eye and irritates the outer surface. This is common in industrial jobs or hobbies like carpentry and in those who use contact lenses. To prevent these unnecessary injuries, here’s what you can do:

Always wear protective eyewear designed for the work you’re doing. These are designed to shield your eyes from flying fragments, fumes, dust particles, sparks and splashing chemicals. While working, many objects can get into your eyes unexpectedly and cause trouble so be prepared with the right eyewear.

Read instructions before using household chemicals and work in a well-ventilated area. Be sure to point spray nozzles away from you. Remember that many chemicals are extremely dangerous and can cause blindness. Use protective eyewear too when working in a garden. This is necessary if you use a lawnmower, power trimmer or edger. Inspect the area for rocks and stones since these can turn into dangerous projectiles as they shoot from these machines. Assess the risk to bystanders when using the above equipment.

Take good care of your eyes by following these tips. Remember that eyesight is an important function so make an effort to preserve your vision to enjoy life.