Strange Wedding Traditions Around the World

Most of us are familiar with wedding traditions like the first dance and the bouquet toss. However, unknown to many, couples in other countries have their own unique traditions that may sound odd or downright crazy! To give you an idea, here are some little heard wedding customs that couples in other countries have to follow before they can get married.

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While a wedding is usually the happiest day in a couple’s life, the opposite is true in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In that Central African country, it is forbidden for the bride and the groom to smile on their wedding day. The reason: Doing so would mean that the two aren’t serious about their marriage. So, from the ceremony to the reception, don’t expect to see these lovebirds smiling.

Jamaican Makeover

In Jamaica, a bride must first pass the scrutiny of other people. Before getting married, she must allow the residents of her village to see how she looks. If many are critical of her appearance, the bride can’t get married until she gets a makeover. When there are no more complaints about her, she can proceed with the wedding ceremony!

In some parts of Papua, New Guinea, the groom must be paid first before he can get married. The bride’s parents do this by giving him a certain number of pigs and shells. Once the agreed number of pigs and shells are met, the animals are slaughtered and served during the wedding reception.

Money makes the world go around for couples in Cuba. That’s because every man who dances with the bride must give her money. This is pinned to her dress and is used to pay the couple’s wedding and honeymoon bills.

Shoot the Bride

Finally, in China, a groom must shoot his prospective bride with several arrows before the couple is united in marriage. The arrows are then collected by the groom and broken so that the lovebirds will stay together forever. Let’s hope the groom is a good shot!

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