Filipino couples chooses Lee Women’s Hospital for In Vitro Fertilization

Some Filipino women’s have a problem in getting pregnant. Others relied in traditional medicines and miracles. But some turned to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Many women find pregnancy success after trying IVF but there are some factors you must consider before doing this process.Filipino couple that availed IVF at Lee Women’s Hospital with President Maw-Sheng Lee (center) with their daughters.

First thing is, you must trust the hospital that will perform the IVF. That’s why Filipino couples choose Lee Women’s Hospital in Taiwan.

Why Taiwan?

Taiwan is a pioneer on ART in Asia, especially high rate of pregnancy compares to other counties so Filipinos chose to come to Taiwan for undergoing IVF, especially choosing Lee Women’s Hospital.

Why Lee Women’s Hospital?

Because it owns advanced artificial reproductive technology and facilities, and cheap price of IVF treatment this is half expense than other countries such as Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

It only takes two and half hours from Philippines and it’s convenience to come. Otherwise, our culture and life style are almost the same and it’s safer than other Southeast Asian countries, also Taiwanese are friendly to Philippines.

Gary Song-Huann Lin, Ambassador of Taiwan Embassy in Philippines

You can find advanced technology and bilingual international staffs who can offer visa service, accommodation inquiry, medical inquiry, charter service inquiry, mental support, travel information, and one on one (VIP) service in Lee Women’s Hospital so that it can reduce culture shock and language barrier and helps them feel like at home which can increase successful rate.

Especially, there were more than 700 Philippines couples searched for help from Lee Women’s Hospital; 400 couples of them already had successful IVF, delivering more than 500 IVF babies healthy, including singleton, twins, triplet, and quadruplet according to statistics since 1986 until now.

As a gratitude to Filipino couples for trusting Lee Women’s Hospital, President Maw-Sheng Lee visits Philippines last October 1, 2017 and meets the Filipino IVF babies.Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee

He wanted to know their health condition, academic performance, social relationship so he will have more reference for the benefit of IVF study and Philippines families, and improvement of artificial reproductive technology.

“Taiwan key country on economy, we will offer them fair price and advanced artificial reproductive technology in order to help them overcome their infertility problems and have children of their own so that they can have complete home,” President Maw-Sheng Lee said during the IVF babies reunion.