Are we ready for OWTO?

2017 is a challenging year for Transport Network Company (TNC). There are so many issues between Uber, Grab and Angkas that makes LTFRB aware and vigilant.  There are driver and passenger complaints that always shared on social media. Until such time that LTFRB suspended uber and fine them in a huge amount. These things happened but when uber was suspended lots of passengers issued their plea in social media to bring it back.EDSA traffic

TNC’s become a part of every commuters life. It gives us the freedom to choose what kind of transport app we should use. But the question is “Are we ready for a new TNC?”

For me, my answer is YES. We should. Another TNC like OWTO is Filipino made is the best solution to compete with Uber and Grab.

How OWTO defers from other TNC’s?

It is made by Filipinos for Filipinos. A transport app with more affordable and fairer transport fares not just for commuters advantage but for the safety of drivers. It has a silent distress signal for both parties. More so it has a senior citizen discount, student discount, and a very special discount for a person with a disability (PWD).

For drivers, this app will have the reasonable assignment of trips and simpler TNVS system. Drivers will be given also health and insurance benefits that you could not find in other TNC’s.

“I’m once an Uber driver and I know what are the TNC’s drivers concern that we at OWTO, we are trying to resolve. Rest assured that both driver, partners, and passenger will benefit from this.,” said Paolo Libertad, Vice President and Cheif Operating Officer of OWTO.

For now, OWTO executives are still waiting for LTFRB accreditation because they believe that their system is unique and goes with their tagline: Fairer Fares. Safer Rides. 100% Filipino, so definitely this issues will be clear up and Filipino people will embrace this new transport system.Officers and Executive of OWTO pose to the media during the press conference held in AMO Gastropub in Quezon City last December 18, 2017.

As a commuter, I will truly recommend this new transport system. Truthfully I used Grab/ Uber almost every day and my transport money is getting expensive that almost all of my take-home pay goes to my transportation allowance. If this new system will be implemented this will be much help not just for me but for all Filipino commuters.