Can you beat lung cancer?

Can you eat to beat cancer? You definitely can, according to experts. But it doesn’t require a miracle diet or bizarre food choices. The foods you eat every day can help you fight cancer provided you take them in the right amounts. A healthy lifestyle with the help of supported friends and family will also help.

Aside from eating right, being active, support from friends of the immediate family and keeping a healthy weight can also reduce your risk of cancer and other dreaded diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

A plant-based diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, and grains. After all, it’s a fact that 30 to 40 percent of cancers are related to dietary choices. This was established in a global report on diet and cancer prevention conducted by the world’s leading diet and cancer researchers. That explains that eating at least 5 servings of these foods daily to protect people from cancers of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. Aside from increased intake of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and grain-based foods, it’s also important to remain physically active and have a healthy body weight. At least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most days of the week could also help. Other experts said one hour of physical activity every day should do the trick.

How does exercise help? Aside from making you strong and helping you lose weight, studies show that physical activity can protect against some cancers. It works by balancing caloric intake with energy expenditure or by other ways.

An imbalance of caloric intake and output can lead to many problems. These include overweight, obesity, and an increased risk for cancers at numerous sites. Diseases that have been linked to a sedentary lifestyle are colorectal, prostate, endometrium, breast (among postmenopausal women), lung cancer and kidney cancers.

In the Philippines, lung cancer has been one of the top causes of cancer-related deaths and has been a serious national healthcare issue. In many cases, these deaths result from late testing and detection. In any form of cancer, it has been extremely tough to treat the disease during its later stages. But it could be treated at an early stage.

Cancer breakthroughs in new treatments, which have been made available by MSD in the country, like immunotherapy help the treatment. This treatment highlights the ability of the body’s immune system to fight off foreign cells. Like other treatments, it is important that the treatment is administered early on. This is why the Hope from Within advocacy coalition strongly encourages testing, talking, and taking proactive action to fight lung cancer. Last December 13, 2017, me, my husband and my kids got lucky to be invited to an awareness event Sing Live 2 Live to voice our support for Lung Cancer Awareness. This is also a celebratory birthday party of Diego Castro, the Hope from Within ambassador and at the same time respect to his father  Angelo Castro who battled lung cancer in 2012.

It is a night of spreading awareness that we can beat lung cancer if we are treating it seriously with the help or support of family and friends. Lung cancer can truly be beaten! Let’s continue spreading the awareness that they are always HOPE FROM WITHIN!