Learning to Deal with Stress

Managing stress can be hard, especially because it’s a huge part of our lives. Still, you can take charge of stress and its bad effects in numerous ways. The key lies in managing your life. Know how to control your thoughts, emotions, your environment, and the way you deal with problems. Once you master this, you can balance things and have a life with enough time for work, relationships, and fun. Here are some easy ways to help you fight stress:


Learn to show your feelings. Many times people hide their problems. Rather than carry the world on your shoulders, be open and express your concerns. If something or someone is bothering you, let people know this in a nice way. This will prevent resentment from building up inside you.

Know the meaning of compromise. If you want someone to change his or her attitude, you should do the same. If you can easily adjust to another person, your relationships will be less stressful. If you can’t change someone, then make it a point to change yourself. You can reduce stress by lowering your expectations and changing your attitude.

Say “no” if necessary. Don’t just grin and bear it. If problems come your way, handle them in the right way. For example, if you have a coming exam, tell your talkative friend that you can only see him for a few minutes to prepare for the exam.


Manage your time. Poor time management can make things awful for you. It’s hard to finish things if you’re cramming and always late. Fix your schedule by planning ahead so you can remain calm even under pressure. Accept the fact that certain forms of stress can’t be prevented or changed such as the death of a loved one, a serious disease, or a bad economy. In these situations, the best you can do is to accept things. Acceptance can be hard at first but it’s easier than changing something you can’t.

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