There’s a Story in Every Empire East Condo

Raising kids is no joke, especially if you need to work abroad to secure their future. The latest infomercial of Empire East shows that this is possible, thanks to an equally hardworking aunt named Thelma who is always around when the mother of her nephew Ethan isn’t.

In that video, we see what looks like a mother and her son enjoying their stay at one of the many projects of Empire East. Their condo life becomes an unforgettable experience due to their happy bonding and the many amenities that they enjoy. We see them playing outside, swimming, and having a wonderful time in the privacy of their own condo unit.

As it turns out, Thelma happens to be Ethan’s aunt. She has been caring for the boy since his mother – Thelma’s sister – left to work abroad. When the latter returns home one day, she makes both of them happy. The boy is finally reunited with his mom while Thelma is glad to see her sister.

But the tale doesn’t end there. The boy’s mother knows how much Thelma has worked to take care of Ethan while she was away. She acknowledges the time, energy, and devotion Thelma gave to make Ethan happy in her absence. She is aware that her sister has sacrificed a lot in caring for Ethan even though Thelma says she enjoyed her time with him. Because of this, she feels that it is the perfect time to reward Thelma for her sacrifice.

Instead of bringing her gifts or giving her money, the mother surprises Thelma by giving her keys to her own condo unit. This is her reward for taking good care of Ethan while the mother was in another country. Not surprisingly, having her own unit is the best thing to happen to Thelma. She can now enjoy the many privileges and benefits of living in an Empire East residence.

This is a video that shows the strong bond between families and the many surprises that make life beautiful. For the mom, it is being at home with Ethan whom she has missed for years. For Thelma, it is enjoying the fruits of her labor by living in an ideal community that she can now call her own.

This heart-warming video will surely make a lot of people smile, laugh, or even cry. At its best, it is a simple reminder that hard work will always be rewarded and that the people we love will always be there for us.  This is one of the many interesting stories you’ll find in every Empire East condo unit. Get one today and experience its many pleasures.

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