Health Frontiers is my husband George N. True II book and column title. He is a journalist for more than 34 years. He write columns and editor of various local newspapers. He even published two book sellers titled “Health Frontiers Volume I and Volume II.”

It was year 2007, when I get sick with a rare nerve disease and doctors could not pinpoint the cause. I can’t walk or move half of my body that I resulted to stay on the wheelchair for almost 6 months. That was the time I do blogging.

It started as online diary about my health problem. When I was back to my normal self, I forget to blog again. I worked on daily papers as reporter, correspondent and later trained for SEO marketing.

When Work at home jobs, started in 2011. I was back in blogging again. My first online space is

The Online DIARY before eventually became  a LIFESTYLE Blog so this 2015, I decided to buy my own domain and hosting. That’s how HEALTHFRONTIERSANDMORE.COM was born.


10388140_1501752130036393_7683779948005812668_nA supportive wife who likes to try new things. I love sharing my travels, adventures, and experiences. I’m also an SEO specialist and content manager for some local websites.

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